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This Homemade Meal Is Cheap, Healthful and Requires No Cooking

This Homemade Meal Is Cheap, Healthful and Requires No CookingPhoto by 4 PM production /

It’s no exaggeration: Chopped salads can make you healthier and wealthier.

They’re a great way to make use of whatever you’ve got on hand in the kitchen. Throw one together when you are short on time or trying to avoid a trip to the grocery store. Experiment with ingredients to find flavor combinations you like.

No recipe is necessary, and cooking is optional.

There’s just one rule: Use a knife — preferably a big chopping knife — to cut ingredients into bite-sized bits that are roughly the same size.

What is chopped salad?

Chopped salads typically have few leafy greens and sometimes none at all. Heavier ingredients — proteins, vegetables, fruit, grains, beans and nuts — play a starring role.

This makes chopped salads substantial, filling and perfect when fresh greens are expensive or out of season.

A tossed salad, by comparison, is lighter and made mostly of greens. Heavier ingredients are bit players.

The trick to making chopped salads is cutting ingredients into pieces of roughly equal size. When each component of your salad is about the same weight, everything tosses together well, giving each serving some of every ingredient.

With tossed salads made mostly of greens, heavy goodies can sink to the bottom of the salad bowl.

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